Dynamic CloudSmiths, DotModus merger forms cloud, CRM powerhouse

Tuesday, 26 July 2022 08:00
Dynamic CloudSmiths, DotModus merger forms cloud, CRM powerhouse

Jason Timm, CEO, CloudSmiths; Tom Fowler, CTO, CloudSmiths.

Dynamic Technologies sister companies CloudSmiths and DotModus have merged to form an omnichannel customer journey powerhouse incorporating major cloud technologies as part of the group offering. The merged entity will operate under the CloudSmiths brand, offering a one-stop solution that uses data-driven insights to create exceptional customer experiences, helping their clients build solid relationships with their target audiences.

CloudSmiths is known as Africa’s largest and most experienced Salesforce partner, specialising in the deployment and integration of the Salesforce platform and its solutions into third-party applications. Its current client portfolio includes leading South African banks, telcos and retailers.

DotModus, as a Google Cloud Platform Premier Partner, specialises in Google Cloud Data Analytics and Infrastructure. The company is also a Gold Microsoft partner with a client portfolio comprising media, mining, retail, financial services and pharmaceutical multinationals across South Africa, the UK and the USA.

CloudSmiths’ CEO Jason Timm, who holds a seat on the EMEA Salesforce Partner Advisory Board for Cloud Resellers, will lead the merged business in the same capacity. With over 20 years of software engineering and technology experience, DotModus CEO Thomas Fowler will assume the role of Chief Technology Officer in the new company, and both businesses’ full staff complements will be part of the new business.

“Our merger brings together two successful businesses to form an entity that can provide our customers with market-leading customer experience solutions coupled with extensive data insight capabilities. I’m really excited about the complementary skills sets and solutions our new company offers our clients,” says Fowler.

The merged entity will be home to over 250 of South Africa’s leading technology professionals, positioning it as South Africa’s most comprehensive service provider in the cloud and CRM space – offering artificial intelligence, machine learning and customer journey solutions that will enable its clients to take ownership of their entire customer experience and data journey.

“Both businesses already offer complementary services to our clients, many of which we collaborate on today. Our companies share an ethos of placing our clients and their customers at the centre of our world,” Timm explains. “There are significant synergies between CloudSmiths and DotModus, with each business needing the specialist skills the other offers. For us to continue growing, a merger made perfect business sense.”

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