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Being part of a team is an opportunity for growth

Thursday, 31 March 2022 10:54
Being part of a team is an opportunity for growth
“Nobody can be successful without the help of others,” says Lynette Holtzhausen, winner of CloudSmiths’ Smith of the Year Award 2021. Take time to learn from your team and mentor along the way.

The Smith of the Year award is awarded annually to an exceptional Smith, who has been with the company for more than 24 months and lives the CloudSmiths values in every way. Factors like project innovation and excellence are considered. With the great influx of new talent, CloudSmiths also introduced a Rookie of the Year award for Smiths with the company for less than 2 years, shared by Tukelo Moseamo and Kendra Riddle for the 2021 awards. Ayanda Mokgopa received recognition for being the best salesperson.

As part of their award, these four recipients will receive a once in a lifetime trip to Dreamforce 2022 in September. Dreamforce is Salesforce’s flagship conference, taking place annually in San Francisco. After a two-year hiatus due to Covid, the event is back this year, attracting over 170 000 attendees from across the globe over three days of innovation and learning.

Lynette says having been retrenched twice during her career has taught her resilience - to get up and not give up, move outside your comfort zone, be proactive and work on your goals. She realised that there were always supportive people (friends, colleagues, and leaders) along the way, with guidance or opportunities. “When someone believes in you and supports you, it makes all the difference,” she says.

Her first job in technology was as a personal assistant, after which she worked her way into project management and supporting a sales team. She says, "I learnt a great deal, and at the time, we were using Salesforce as a platform globally as end-users. So, when a local property management group approached me to take on the role of Salesforce Administrator, I jumped at the chance to get into the back end of technology to broaden my knowledge and learn a new skill."

Lynette enjoyed working on the platform so much that she decided to further her studies. She set goals for herself to skill up and get certified. She wanted to make a difference and felt that working with the Salesforce platform offered many opportunities.

The move to CloudSmiths was a natural career choice, and she knew that she could learn a lot and collaborate with some of the most skilled professionals in the country. As a result, multiple opportunities to grow and learn have shaped her career and achievements over the last three years with CloudSmiths.

One of the aspects of working at CloudSmiths that Lynette values is being able to access a variety of perspectives through a multi-skilled approach. "We get the opportunity to engage with and be included in multi-skilled teams (junior to senior) across multiple projects in varied industries,” Lynette explains. The benefits are real, and visible. Higher employee engagement leads to faster problem-solving, while direct access to seniors who share their knowledge promotes team learning. And, she says, everyone's successes are celebrated, whether personal or professional. This enables the team spirit immensely.

Lynette's motto is to "never give up!" Her advice to young people? "Never give up on your goals. Work hard to get to them and believe in yourself. Never limit your goals to your background. After high school, I initially studied to become a game ranger, and now I'm working in technology and loving it!"

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