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Sometimes perseverance is all it takes

    13 Nov 2021
Sometimes perseverance is all it takes
Tukelo Moseamo, an Intermediate Developer at CloudSmiths, is an overcomer. Through single-minded perseverance, Tukelo’s path has brought him from his position as sole economic provider for his family to a skilled developer for CloudSmiths, a Dynamic Technologies’ group company.

In March 2021, he struggled through the harsh realities of the rising unemployment rate in South Africa. In his age group, it reached highs of 46.3% in June 2021. At age 24 and having persevered through truly difficult barriers, his story is an inspiring one.

Tukelo first developed an interest in technology after leaving school, particularly in electrical engineering. But in balancing his family’s financial needs against his own studies, he was left with little in the way of time or funds to pursue a career that required a full-time commitment.

Still passionate about technology, and desperate to gain experience, he took a course in networking, which is where he first heard about Dynamic DNA, a CloudSmiths sister company and ICT training academy. He applied to study System Development NQF4 in 2017. He was accepted.

Tukelo explains, “It was at Dynamic DNA that I was first introduced to Salesforce through a presentation by a senior developer from CloudSmiths. I must’ve expressed a lot of interest because they handpicked me to come for an interview to see if I’d suit their environment. It turns out I did, and I joined the company as an intern in 2019.”

Each year, CloudSmiths takes on graduates from Dynamic DNA as part of a six-month internship. For Tukelo, this meant studying general development languages such as Java and C++ before getting closer to Salesforce as part of his practical modules.

Tukelo adds, “I really enjoyed interacting with the Salesforce platform as part of my practical experience. It was an interesting challenge, and I love that it’s a growing ecosystem. That was a big deciding factor in my decision to pursue Salesforce accreditation.”

He also notes that having patience and committing to the modules without trying to rush through made a difference – and the learning process became fairly easy.

Tukelo encourages other young and aspiring people, hopeful of embarking on careers in the technology sector. “Many young South Africans are unaware of the career opportunities that exist in the tech sector, and if they don’t have formal qualification, they often don’t see a way in. But IT is a very open industry, and it’s easier than ever to get the knowledge you need to get started. If you know the right things to search for, you will find the opportunities to get into an IT learnership; they are out there.”

Offerings such as Dynamic DNA’s programmes and CloudSmiths’ internship programme are making a difference to life for many young people who would otherwise struggle to find opportunities for careers in technology. Through the Dynamic Technologies’ ethos of investing in people, ideas, and technology, the group is creating wide-ranging job opportunities for people with a natural aptitude for technology.

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