Achieving a dream job with Inspired Testing

Monday, 25 March 2024 22:25
Achieving a dream job with Inspired Testing

Mathew Zungu is a Test Architect at Inspired Testing, a Dynamic Technologies group company. This is a pivotal role that involves developing solutions for clients that require Test Automation Services, performing health checks and assessments, conducting proof of concepts (PoCs), and implementing automation frameworks. Mathew says, “My role involves a lot of research and development, the aim being to ensure that I help Inspired Testing to continue providing relevant solutions to clients.”

Joining Inspired Testing was part serendipity, part determination. Mathew followed several software testing companies on social media and found himself continually drawn to Inspired Testing’s content. He admired what they were doing, appreciated their content, and found himself wanting to be a part of what they offered. He did his research, made his move, and landed his dream job in September 2023.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Mathew now calls South Africa home. He works a hybrid model, primarily based at home in Johannesburg, but he travels to clients for face-to-face engagement and onsite delivery when necessary. He’s enjoying his exposure to international clients and colleagues, and says, “Working for Inspired Testing has been an enriching and enlightening experience. The diverse and inclusive international culture within the company has provided a unique opportunity for me to engage with individuals from various backgrounds, enabling a deeper understanding and appreciation of different perspectives.”

Regular interaction with colleagues based in the UK is something he finds beneficial. He says, “The opportunity to join meetings with our international clients is priceless as this is helping me grow professionally, and I am learning different ways of working from my international colleagues.”

He adds, “The company's emphasis on respect, equality and empowerment, regardless of one’s background, has been particularly inspiring – it is rewarding to contribute to and learn from this multicultural setting. I also love the entrepreneurial mindset within the team. We are given the opportunity to be creative and I always feel challenged to do more.”

Mathew’s journey with Inspired Testing is an exciting and challenging one. He says, “I’ve been involved in proof of concepts which were accepted by clients, and that’s always a good feeling. I have also been working on the Data Testing Service, which includes Data Warehouse Testing, ERP System Testing, BI Report Testing, Data Migration Testing, as well as Big Data Testing. This is something that has excited me from the day I wrote the first line on the slides we use to present this service offering.”

For Mathew, Inspired Testing’s culture of diversity by inclusion is one of the reasons he’s fiercely proud to be working there. “There’s a progressive commitment to creating a work environment that values and leverages diversity in all forms,” he says. “This philosophy ensures that everyone, regardless of their background or identity, is appreciated and given the opportunity to contribute meaningfully. By incorporating diverse perspectives into decision-making, the company fosters innovation and enhances problem-solving capabilities. Ultimately, this commitment to inclusivity enriches Inspired Testing’s culture and drives success.”