Remote work at Inspired Testing: A partnership

Wednesday, 28 February 2024 16:33
Remote work at Inspired Testing: A partnership

Craig Bailey is a UK-based Senior Test Analyst at Inspired Testing – a Dynamic Technologies group company. A fully remote worker based in a small town called Poulton-le-Fylde, north of Manchester and close to Blackpool, Craig heads up Inspired Testing’s Elite 3E testing division. Access to some of the top tech talent and expertise in the world is just one of the reasons Inspired Testing embraces a remote workforce.

It’s a mutually beneficial situation, and one that experts such as Craig appreciate. He says, “I enjoy the diverse challenges and experiences that come from working with an international company, as well as the freedom of the remote work model.”

As a dedicated and accomplished ISTQB-certified Software Tester with over 14 years in testing, implementing, and supporting IT solutions, Craig has vast experience within the software testing industry and has gained an excellent working knowledge of QA methodologies. Craig is a highly motivated individual, and one of his strengths is building relationships, both with his colleagues and his clients. He says, “I enjoy communicating with a global audience as I regularly chat to colleagues and clients all over the world. I also appreciate the help and support I receive from my colleagues – it is a team effort, after all.”

When it came to choosing the next step in his career, Craig says, “Inspired Testing sounded like an exciting proposition in which I could further develop my skills, and also be given opportunities to work on a variety of different customers and projects.” And that has proved to be just the case. He has been with Inspired Testing for 18 months, where, he say, “We have a vast client base spanning several different industries.”

Although he admits remote work isn’t for everyone, Craig knows that working for the right company is crucial because it’s a partnership. “Remote working can be challenging, especially when you are first onboarded into a company based in a different country to the one you live in. My experience has been fantastic though, and I feel very lucky to be welcomed by great colleagues who have helped me into their teams. During my time with Inspired Testing, I haven’t met anyone in person yet but that hasn’t stopped me from establishing incredible working relationships.”

Of his role, Craig says, “Since joining Inspired Testing, my role and responsibilities have been diverse and wide ranging. Initially I worked with a law firm engaged in an ongoing Elite 3E project. In this capacity, I collaborated with both the client and Inspired Testing teams to test their 3E implementation. My primary focus was on the Global Reporting Releases, involving tasks such as reviewing business design documents, designing, and executing test scripts, conducting exploratory testing, and overseeing defect management.

“Subsequently, I transitioned to an Internal 3E Elite Project Team after completing my time on the client’s project. In this role, I assumed the position of team leader, leading a group of five automation testers within our in-house 3E Accelerator Team. I also took on the responsibility of guiding the team in another law firm's 3E project.”

Craig volunteers his spare time to Grassroots Football, manages his eldest daughter’s Blackpool Girls u12s Team, and helps to coach his youngest daughter’s Poulton Lionesses u10s team. “I’ve always loved playing, watching, and coaching football,” he explains, “So to be able to give something back to the sport I love and also develop the potential Lionesses of the future is fantastic!”