Inspired Testing: Upskilling and growing the next generation of software engineers

Monday, 17 October 2022 15:54
Inspired Testing: Upskilling and growing the next generation of software engineers
“I've been wanting to get into Automation Testing for some time, this course has given me a really good background and the tools necessary to actually do it.” - 2022 Trainee

Inspired Testing, a Dynamic Technologies group company, is changing lives at the Inspired Academy with free events, masterclasses, and academy courses aimed at upskilling, growing, and developing the next generation of software testing engineers. The academy provides free training and upskilling opportunities to Inspired Testing employees, allowing them to further their professional development, and empower themselves within their career space. Inspired Academy maintains the highest of global standards and produces engineers that are at the top of their game, both locally and internationally.

Inspired Academy recently hosted Test Automation Week from 26 to 30 September. A natural extension of the world-class high-standard training that makes Inspired Testing an industry leader, these paid-for programmes offer participants the opportunity to further their education while building a better testing community.

During this week, industry experts Bas Dijkstra and Louise Gilbert provided in-person test automation training in Cape Town. Their decades of experience and combined passion for sharing their knowledge make them a knock-out when it comes to software training. According to one of the most recent trainees, undertaking courses like this is essential for growing your career path as a test engineer while incorporating industry innovations and best practices which help drive efficiencies in solution design and testing frameworks.

The courses are designed to help participants improve their testing, connect with the testing community, and learn from global testing experts with many years of shared practical experience. Tickets included two exclusive one-hour sessions of one-on-one practical mentoring time with Bas or Louise, giving participants the benefit of their years of experience, professional capabilities, and industry insights.

Charlotte Henrico, a QA Specialist who attended an Inspired Academy testing automation course in 2022, says, “I have said this before, but a tremendous thank you for guiding us through this. This is the best course on automation for testers I have ever come across, and I will advocate for it wherever I go. Thank you also for your compassionate and patient nature throughout. We have already expanded our project quite a bit with more tests and will continue doing so.”

Test Automation week was led by Bas and Louise, who combine an absolute wealth of international experience, knowledge, and insights. Louise Gilbert has been a software quality engineer for many years and has realised that sharing her experiences and skills is a passion. She now has the privilege of spending the majority of her time teaching topics such as automation, testing, DevOps, CI, and testing methods.

Bas Dijkstra has been active in the test automation field for over 15 years. His experience within the industry, his commitment to training new software engineers, and his position as a thought leader in Software Testing make him an excellent mentor for engineers looking to start or advance their careers.