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How DotModus and Absa are increasing the employability of thousands of young Africans

Tuesday, 16 August 2022 17:33
How DotModus and Absa are increasing the employability of thousands of young Africans

Image source: Ready to work

When South African banking giant Absa had the idea to launch their ReadytoWork programme, one of their top priorities was to “put the basic building blocks in place to ensure that young Africans can reimagine their futures and bring their possibility to life” ( Their aim? To empower and upskill young Africans to enter the workforce amidst high unemployment rates and challenges finding work. The financial services group approached DotModus, a Dynamic Technologies group company, to develop, deploy, monitor, and maintain an application that would allow young people to easily access the programme. Since its release, the mobile ReadytoWork app has processed more than ten thousand concurrent users at one time, is available in multiple countries in Africa, and is used by thousands of young adults every day on computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

Technology firm, data analytics and cloud computing experts DotModus used several Amazon Web Service (AWS) products to deploy an automatically scalable application that would be able to handle any number of users. The app is an invaluable resource to young people looking to improve their soft skills and increase their chances of success in business. DotModus Marketing Manager Patrick Eriksen says, “It's easy to take for granted how difficult it is for young people to learn and develop money, people, and entrepreneurial skills. ABSA ReadyToWork or RTW helps equip young people with the skills they need to excel, not only in the workplace but in their personal lives, too.” The app is structured on a demand-led approach, and the initiative supports the development of technical, vocational, social, and digital skills in line with the requirements of Africa’s key growth sectors.

Absa ReadytoWork gives young people access to an online programme, which equips them with crucial work and life skills Users can complete free training modules that cover money skills, entrepreneurial skills, work skills, and people skills. This training is essential for young graduates looking to enter the workplace, entrepreneurs looking to succeed in their chosen endeavours, and for young people who want to improve their employability. The app also provides a connection to like-minded individuals through a chat function, allows users to watch insightful webinars, and acts as an online job search portal. To date, well over half a million users across Africa have utilised the app.

Having access to tools like this can be life-changing for young Africans looking to improve their lives, better themselves, and gain an advantage in a tough job market. This digital bridge between education and work readiness or employability is vital, particularly in today’s fiercely competitive job market. As the app grows in reach and user numbers, DotModus continues to work with Absa on RTW maintenance, updates, and app enhancements.

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