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Rising soccer stars get a helping held from DVT

Monday, 11 July 2022 07:46
Rising soccer stars get a helping held from DVT

Nurturing talent is something the Dynamic Technologies group does best – and this extends into its communities too. When the opportunity arose to sponsor an up-and-coming young soccer team, DVT, a Dynamic Technologies group company, jumped at the chance. In April 2022, the Randburg AFC U15 soccer team travelled with Orange Veins Football Tours and Tournaments to the Netherlands for the Rotterdam Orange Veins Cup.

“We’ve been very fortunate that our continued growth and success as a company means we can support community upliftment initiatives, and we feel that football is one of those rare activities that transcends international boundaries and builds relationships,” says Jason Bramsden, Managing Director of DVT UK.

DVT Head of Global Talent Acquisition Carmen De Bruyn has a son in the U15 team. She says, “Before we secured the sponsorship, there were five boys on the team who were unable to travel to the Netherlands because of financial constraints. When DVT came through with their sponsorship, which was allocated to the team as a whole, a decision was made to finance the trip for those players.”

For some of the team members, this was their first experience on an airplane. Despite some understandable nerves, the entire team took this as a chance to learn, gain valuable experience, and showcase their undeniable skills.

The team played a total of six games, where they gave an excellent account of themselves, despite losing narrowly. This culminated in a 2-1 win in the last game against their hosts, SBV Excelsior. Carmen says, “Many clubs approached the coaches and complimented the way the boys played and their style of football.”

Sponsorships are so important for South African sportsmen and women at every level. By supporting young people and nurturing their talent, we create a better and brighter future. "One of DVT's core values is to live with impact,” says Jaco van der Merwe, CEO of DVT. “That means that it is important to us to make an impact not only in the success of our clients and our colleagues, but also in our communities. To live with impact is about caring deeply in the growth of everyone that we interact with, both within our daily work environment and also our broader environment,” he says. “We believe that our sponsorship of this team of Under 15 boys to Rotterdam will contribute to their growth as individuals and help them become leaders in whichever path they choose.”

Carmen believes the sponsorship has already changed lives. She says, “It gives a sense of hope and belief to young talent, it keeps them focused and on the right track, but mostly it builds leaders, motivators, and hard workers.” She shares the DVT belief that ability should never be limited by financial constraints, saying, “This support helped foster respect and dedication – all the boys came back even more dedicated than before, and they are determined to become the best players they can be.”

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