Inspired Testing’s Internship Programme: On a Mission to Mars

Thursday, 31 March 2022 11:00
Inspired Testing’s Internship Programme: On a Mission to Mars

What's the point of learning if you can't have fun? The people at Inspired Testing, a Dynamic Technologies group company, knows just how.

When eleven eager young minds walked into the Inspired Testing office on the morning of 1 February 2022 for breakfast with intent, their anticipation was quickly bowled over when hearing they were going to Mars!

André Barnard, Chief Culture and Experience Office at Inspired Testing, explains: “I can sum up Inspired Testing in four words – Inclusivity, Innovation, Diversity, Mars. Why Mars? Because that’s where we are going. That’s what’s Next.”

The destination of “Mars” refers to the company’s motto: “To make way for potential”. Barnard elaborates: “We want to create not just a great space to work, but we want to create great people. The landscape out there is changing daily. We need people with energy and a growth mindset.”

The internship programme is designed to give interns a good understanding of how software is tested and the different aspects that come with it. The programme not only teaches interns about the theory and practical aspects of software testing but also provides them with soft skills that are essential in the industry. Interns are given the opportunity to work on real-life projects, under the guidance of a senior software test engineer. This gives them a chance to see how things are done in the industry and learn by doing.

With the demand for advanced technologies accelerating exponentially, more and more companies are pushed to embark on their digital transformation journeys. This escalates the need for professional software testers in quality software test engineering, making skills development and internship programme such as these crucial.

“Inspired Testing’s services and support extend beyond the Now; to help ready businesses for what comes next,” says Nadine du Toit, Chief Services and Innovation Officer at Inspired Testing.

Louise Gilbert, Trainer and Software Quality Test Engineer says: “Inspired Testing’s Internship Programme addresses the growing need for trained software professionals to fill industry demand. We’ve set the expectations for the first three months, and together we are seeing it through. Along the way we are also learning critical thinking skills and using them to solve interesting problems. In so doing we are discovering what is possible and raising to the challenge to be and do more.”