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Walking for justice on the streets of London

    28 Oct 2021
Walking for justice on the streets of London

“Justice is the sum of all moral duty.” William Godwin, writer

Dynamic Technologies’ group company Upper Sigma took to the streets of London on 18 October 2021 in support of London Legal Support Trust’s fundraising initiative, the ‘10km for Justice’ London Legal Walk. As part of their corporate social investment programme, Upper Sigma chose London Legal Support Trust (LLST) as their 1% pledge partner earlier this year, in recognition of the organisation’s work in the legal sector – Upper Sigma’s focus industry.

The Upper Sigma team’s involvement in the London Legal Walk included building the customer relationship management tools for promotions and registrations for the event, which represented about 300 hours of work, and helping out as marshals on the day.

The walk attracted 650 teams and 8,500 walkers “in celebration of the legal community supporting access to justice”, says LLST, and together they raised close on £600,000 (about R12.5 million).

London Legal Support Trust supports a wide range of not-for-profit advice and legal service providers who provide access to justice for people facing serious issues in housing, employment, debt and social benefits. Already battered by budget cuts, these agencies are now less able to survive the disruption caused by Covid-19 and estimates that up to half of advice agencies face the threat of closure, leaving communities with nowhere to turn.

Emile van den Berg, Upper Sigma’s MD, explains their involvement with LLST. “As our 1% pledge partner, LLST is given access to our software and our services, to help them operate as efficiently as possible on Salesforce to improve their processes and marketing programme.” He adds that Upper Sigma is privileged to be involved in supporting LLST, which ensures that life-changing legal services can be provided to people who would otherwise not have access to justice.

In a letter to Upper Sigma following the walk, Elizabeth Harper, LLST’s Marketing and Communications Officer, thanked the Upper Sigma, thanked the Upper Sigma team for their help and contribution to the success of the day. She says, “I know you were amazing out there and your social media has been brilliant!”

Harper adds, “It was a fantastic day, and as you know, we have been building up and preparing for it over many months. We are very happy that the event has raised over £585,000 (about R12.2 million / US$790,000) for frontline free legal advice charities in London and the South East England. We know that these charities are desperate for additional funding – and every single person’s contribution to the event is valuable. We also had great feedback from our walkers that marshals and helpers on the day kept them motivated; thank you for being part of the team!”

One of Upper Sigma’s core values is to ‘make a difference’ and enhance impact in environmental and humanitarian movements. The growing partnership with LLST aligns perfectly with this value, as well as with Dynamic Technologies’ ethos of diversity, inclusion and empowering communities. Emile says, “We know that our work on behalf of LLST will impact their capacity to ensure justice and change lives of people who are battling social circumstances – and we are pleased to be a part of it. We look forward to continued success in delivering solutions that add value to LLST’s processes.”

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