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Uplifting impact on a dynamic society

Friday, 24 September 2021 22:28
Uplifting impact on a dynamic society

Since Dynamic DNA was born in January 2016, the brainchild of founder, dynamo, majority shareholder and MD Prudence Mathebula, it has held in its sights her vision “to be the front-end training company that ensures we close the skills gap in this country, building up unskilled and skilled individuals, and reskilling and upskilling people to get them to the point where they understand 4IR technology”.

Dynamic DNA’s drive to provide training opportunities to youngsters from disadvantaged schools and communities who would not be in a position to access ICT training or employment, stems from Prudence’s own personal experiences growing up in Soweto, where she realised as a teen that she would need to “be the change you want to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi).

Mathebula, who began her entrepreneurial journey at 13, says the idea for a dedicated ICT training academy started when she was working at DVT on empowerment and growing the company’s talent pool. She identified a gap in technology training: companies were investing heavily in skills development, but not getting the output they needed.

Prudence presented the DVT board with a model of what Dynamic DNA is today – a skills and empowerment company accredited by MICT Seta, focused on learnerships and short course programmes to bridge the digital and gender divide, with a commercial element. The fledgeling model was presented to parent company, Dynamic Technologies, and Dynamic DNA was launched.

Today, as yesterday, Dynamic DNA is a company focused on making a difference in South Africa – to individuals, businesses, scarce skills, and job creation – and the impact has been a steady upward trajectory. To date, about 1 000 trainees have passed through Dynamic DNA’s doors, destined for successful careers, with investment by over 45 host companies representing various sectors such as ICT, financial services, legal, retail, logistics, government, fintech, software, and market research. Dynamic DNA’s model is ensuring that the numbers and reach are increasing year-on-year.

Prudence’s motto is also at the heart of 4IR4HER, an NPO she established dedicated to bridging the gender gap within technology through workshops, mentorship, coaching, training, and entrepreneurship hubs with the aim of uplifting women to have an impact on 4IR.

Says Mathebula, “The need to build women up in the male-dominated tech environment is crucial both because of the scarcity of skills in the industry, and the need to close the gender divide. We train girls in different tech streams, customising programmes for women. Companies are becoming increasingly excited about investing in this initiative because it’s a way for them to close their own gender gaps.” The goal for 4IR4HER is to train 5,000 girls from disadvantaged backgrounds over the next five years. Prudence calls on companies to invest in it.

Mathebula invites companies, “to partner with us to change lives and deliver the best our country can be. Many students come to us not knowing how to switch on a laptop. They leave with skills to develop, programme and test software, with the training and work experience they need to be productive from day one, and the ability to contribute to South Africa’s knowledge economy. It’s a winning formula.”

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