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Dynamic Technologies’ teams make their mark on Mandela Day

    29 Aug 2021
Dynamic Technologies’ teams make their mark on Mandela Day

“Don’t look away. Make every day a Mandela Day.” That’s the slogan and the heart of many Dynamic Technologies’ staff members in South Africa, across a range of the group companies.

This year their Mandela Day initiatives covered an eclectic mix of activities, focused on uplifting individuals and organisations within local communities. Here are some of their stories.

Exercising for charity

DVT staff committed to a month of action, from 18 June to 18 July 2021. Staff were challenged to ‘Make an impact for charity’ by getting out and exercising – walking, jogging, running, biking, swimming, pilates, fencing, yoga, or any activity of their choice, and then recording their times. DVT’s motivation to staff explained, “This challenge will help to keep you fit and healthy while doing good for others too.” DVT sponsored 50 cents for charity for every minute of exercise done, recorded, and submitted by staff members, with their progress displayed on a dashboard.

This month-long campaign proved to be a win-win on two levels, raising R33 600 for various charities – beating 2020’s amount of R26 700 raised – and achieving 65 100 minutes of exercise among the energetic staff.

Winter warmers

CloudSmiths’ initiative followed a similar theme and was held over the Mandela Day weekend. According to the CloudSmiths’ Facebook posting after the weekend, “Smiths across the country showed their support for Mandela Day this weekend. We challenged our team to do any form of workout or activity for 67 minutes. For every workout completed, CloudSmiths donated a winter warmer pack including a set of gloves, scarf, beanie and poncho to The Angel Network SA.”

After the weekend’s activity, CloudSmiths was able to deliver 20 winter warmer packs to 20 delighted children in the Future Angels Day Care Centre in Kliptown.

In the build-up to Mandela Day, CloudSmiths also ran a #ShareTheWarmth drive in May and June, asking Smiths to donate blankets – which they did. More than 30 blankets were collected and donated to the Sibambisene Foundation in Alexandra.

Career guidance

A Dynamic Talent team of six (Nasstasja Balwanth, Kelly Britz, Candice Clark, Gorata Mooketsi, Phumelele Ndlovu, and Miri Williamson) gave over 670 minutes to the community on Mandela Day, by assisting six young people with advice and guidance on their CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and the next steps in their careers.

The initiative was a huge success, and feedback from the team was powerful. Candice Clark, Dynamic Talent MD, says she is extremely impressed with the team members who stepped up to help. “We tend to forget how useful our expertise is for those who don’t have access to career coaches or CV writers. It was a wonderful way to give back to job seekers in our local community. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m very proud of all the Dynamic Talent members who were involved in the project.”

Miri Williamson, Talent Specialist, says that due to the pandemic and unrest, Mandela Day 2021 was more important than ever. “This initiative allowed us to make a difference in a tangible way. Each team member was able to provide guidance to two individuals on how to market themselves better and how to reframe their goals into achievable next steps.”

Nasstasia Balwanth, Account Executive, says, “Spending time and assisting and chatting to incredible candidates on Mandela Day reminded me why I choose to do what I do.” This was echoed by Phumelele Ndlovu, HR Services Lead, who added, “Mandela Day was amazing, we spoke to exceptional young ladies, and helping them with navigating their LinkedIn profiles and CVs was a huge pleasure.”

One of the beneficiaries, Moipone Lethabo Mathole, posted her heartfelt message on Dynamic Talent’s LinkedIn site. “I can never thank you enough for this. The reassurance that came through in the conversation was exactly what I needed after what felt like a devastating rejection from a big company. Your efforts are unmatched. Thank you so very much.”

More to come

Dynamic Technologies staff members are known for taking the essence of Mandela Day to heart all year round: “Take action, inspire change, and make every day a Mandela Day.”

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