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Dynamic Talent partners with O School to open career choices

    31 May 2021
Dynamic Talent partners with O School to open career choices

In September 2020 Dynamic Technologies group company Dynamic Talent called promising high school students to apply for a sponsorship to attend O School’s ‘Global Future of Work’ programme and get the opportunity to job shadow the Dynamic Talent team.

Internationally acclaimed O School was designed to develop young thinkers for the next version of work: the artists and scientists who understand the intersection of technology, humanities, and consciousness. To do this, they bring together a community of talented professionals from a variety of a-list companies, including Google, Deloitte, BCG, Lululemon and The New York Ballet, to guide students. O School wants to help young people learn the hard skills to shape and participate in industries, but also to understand the basic tenets of what it means to be human.

From 15 applications, the Dynamic Talent team interviewed a shortlist of four candidates for the sponsorship, and two Grade 10’s were selected. Dynamic Talent could only sponsor one candidate, but approached O School, who decided to sponsor the second candidate to attend the programme.

The two students attended O School’s ‘Global Future of Work’ online programme in October and November 2020.

O School’s holistic and interdisciplinary method to career development and global collaboration is in line with Dynamic Talent’s approach to talent acquisition and career pathing.

The most suited of the candidates also had the opportunity to job shadow the Dynamic Talent team to gain more insight into various aspects of the business. The 10 hours of job shadowing took place over the April 2021 school holidays. As Dynamic Talent is based on a remote working model, the candidate also got to experience how to navigate this aspect successfully.

Dynamic Talent specifically wanted to give an opportunity to someone who would never otherwise have the chance, as the importance of diversity in the workplace has been a cornerstone of the company since its inception. As Candice Clark, Managing Director and founder of Dynamic Talent explains: “Diversity is more than just male/female. It is backgrounds, perspectives, and education too. A lack of diversity in an organisation will be an inhibiting factor for driving the business forward and outdoing competitors.”

Miri Williamson, Talent Specialist at Dynamic Talent, explains: “The candidate spent time with our MD Candice Clark to learn about entrepreneurship and see what it means to start your own business; and with various members of our team to gain insight into the recruitment and talent partnership side of the business and to understand how the Dynamic Talent model differs from that of traditional recruitment agencies. Our candidate also spent time with Phumelele Ndlovu, Talent Specialist, for insight into a general HR role and Dynamic Talent’s offerings of training and HR partnerships. She also assisted me and gained first-hand experience of how psychometric assessments work; of brand communication on social media for Dynamic Talent, and learnt how to put together a CV.”

Candice adds, “The O School ethos and programme is in line with Dynamic Talent’s approach to people in the workplace, and we were delighted to be a part of this innovative and people-centric programme. We look forward to seeing how our candidates navigate and embrace the challenges and choices that life inevitably holds – and we wish them success, both now and in the future.”

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