The power of collaboration and contribution

Thursday, 14 May 2020 16:54
The power of collaboration and contribution
“What you do matters; why you do it matters more.”
Jimmie Butler

“Of DVT’s seven business values, ‘make an impact’ is the value that resonates most with me,” says Edward Ngubane, Head of Business Analysis at DVT in Johannesburg. “This value is important to me because it talks to being deliberate about what you do, and knowing that you have to give it your all,” he adds.

Over the past four years, Ngubane’s division has seen a doubling in the number of business analysis consultants from 25 to 50. “In addition, the calibre of our consultants is second to none,” he adds. He attributes this success to deliberate and concerted efforts to expose their consultants to the best mentoring, coaching and upskilling that they need to excel when they are on assignments. “We only hire the best talent out there, but most importantly, we lead from the front in the business analysis space, focusing on developing and enabling our people – on making an impact in their lives.”

An extraordinary aspect of this growth is that it occurred during a period when industry opinion was that business analysts were no longer needed in Agile Environments. “Our 100% growth has proven that these sentiments are unfounded,” says Ngubane. “Our skilled and committed business analysts are increasingly in demand by clients who need guidance navigating the competitive product development space,” he explains.

In fact, the core values of agile environments dominate his division, including a culture that encourages teams to work toward a common goal; valuing individuals and their contributions; as well as equality and collaboration, which mitigates strife within the team and creates resilience in the face of changing market demands. “My job is the people’s business. This dictates that I should have a way of interacting with people in a manner that does not alienate them. I also have to create an enabling environment where people around me can feel inspired, empowered, and motivated. This is an environment that makes people want to be the best version of themselves.”

Ngubane’s style of leading from the front means that he applies and commits himself fully to any engagement that lands on his plate: “As a result, I do my utmost to engage with our clients in a manner that creates a positive and lasting impression. I also do the same when I deal with my team members (both on site and in the back office). The same value drives my engagement with business analysts who are looking to join DVT, regardless of whether they end up joining the team or not.”

When I joined DVT four years ago as a Practice Lead for the Business Analysis Practice, my mandate was to grow the business, to build client confidence in the type and quality of our consultants; and to build our reputation as Thought Leaders in the BA space. Today, we have achieved this mandate,” he says. “The motto that drives me is ‘all or nothing’, which is why DVT’s value of ‘make an impact’ resonates with me so much.”