CloudSmiths: Changing lives with generative AI

Thursday, 22 February 2024 12:39
CloudSmiths: Changing lives with generative AI

Generative AI is a thrilling step in artificial intelligence. This metamorphosis from solving specific tasks to creating new content presents more than just innovation – it is a driver of change and a transformative journey with limitless possibilities. We can expect to see generative AI changing lives in ways we haven’t even imagined yet, but for now, the practical applications are inspiring.

Patrick Eriksen, Head of Marketing at CloudSmiths, says, “Last year, we saw AI boost productivity, aligning with Gartner’s ‘everyday AI’ terminology. It's quickly become the norm, essential for streamlining work. According to Gartner, the next frontier is ‘game-changing AI’, focusing on unlocking new opportunities and industries. Our emphasis must now shift beyond efficiency.”

CloudSmiths is making the most of this human/AI partnership by harnessing the latest tools from leading technology providers such as Google Cloud, Salesforce, Microsoft, and AWS, and using these to deploy generative AI models at scales that are at the forefront of innovation.

Eriksen adds, “Gartner’s insights between ‘everyday’ and ‘game-changing AI’ highlight the next steps. While ‘everyday AI’ optimises current tasks, potentially automating jobs, ‘game-changing AI’ fosters innovation and generates new roles and markets. It’s our goal to leverage AI in this ‘game-changing’ manner, developing innovative products and services that pave the way for new opportunities.”

According to Jason Timm, CloudSmiths CEO, the applications are endless, and include:

  • Enhancing customer engagement across thousands of touchpoints with personalised content
  • Generating automated, personalised reports for a wide range of stakeholders
  • Connecting CRM data with real-time online activity and social media sentiment in order to deploy custom AI models that predict customers’ references and hyper-personalise recommendations
  • Combining CRM data with market analysis and economic trends to develop AI models that predict customers’ financial habits.

Timm says, “In a groundbreaking collaboration, Salesforce and Google Cloud have joined forces to empower businesses with advanced data sharing and AI capabilities. Great partnerships are at the heart of cutting-edge collaborative processes and innovations. As a preferred Salesforce partner, the integration between Google BigQuery and Salesforce Data Cloud allows companies to create unified customer profiles and provide personalised experiences.”

He adds, “Some of the biggest winners in this event are the customers. Generative AI is already positively impacting customer experiences across industries, and this is only going to get better. Organisations can use this partnership to improve customer experiences and personalise interactions in areas including fashion retail, healthcare, and finance.”

It’s not all about sales and user experience, though. Healthcare organisations can make big positive changes to the way they deal with patients, the care they provide, and the overall health and wellbeing of their clients. According to Salesforce, “Integrating CRM data with patient demographics and medical history enables healthcare providers to deploy AI models that predict patients at risk of readmission. This empowers them to create personalised care plans and offer proactive medical care, ultimately improving medical outcomes.” This kind of proactive care could be life changing for patients and their healthcare providers. And this is why CloudSmiths is proud to be at the forefront of bringing the potential of generative AI to their clients.