Changing lives on Mandela Day – 67 minutes of giving

Monday, 31 July 2023 22:32
Pawsitive Care App developed by DVT’s Nicole-Lee Scholtz.

Mandela Day DVT Graduates
DVT Graduates with their Teddy Bear Clinic Collection

Mandela Day Cloudsmiths
CloudSmiths with their food parcels for Manager Care Center

For Dynamic Technologies group companies CloudSmiths and DVT, giving back to the community has always been a priority. The drive to change lives is a core ethos for both of these companies, and they each approached Mandela Month in their own unique way.

DVT sets hearts racing for Mandela Day - #livewithimpact

During Mandela Month, DVT staff raised their heartrates by exercising for charity. The company was initially aiming to raise R30 000, but by Mandela Day on 18 July 2023, they had already raised an impressive R23 400 with 12 more days of the challenge remaining! DVT staff blew their challenge out of the water and raised R42 100, covered a total distance of 8 110km, and exercised for an impressive 84 131.5 minutes. It’s safe to say that DVT really does #leadwithheart.

DVT CMO Karl Fisher, who originally came up with the idea and is participating in the challenge, says, “July affords us an opportunity to remember the extraordinary life, leadership, and contribution of President Nelson Mandela. Our annual Mandela Month exercise challenge is a way for all DVT participants to benefit others while doing good for themselves. Every minute of exercise counts toward a charitable contribution sponsored by DVT and serves as a reminder of how, when we act collectively and compassionately, we can make a positive, material difference to our communities.”

Mandela Day Dashboard
DVT’s ‘Exercise for Charity Challenge’ dashboard

Meanwhile, the DVT Graduates took #llivewithimpact to heart and organised a collection for the Teddy Bear Clinic. This organisation supports children who have experienced abuse and neglect, providing a range of essential services. These include forensic assessments, psychological assessments, counselling, and court preparation. They rely on donated teddy bears as part of their counselling sessions as these bears bring comfort and solace to vulnerable children. The DVT graduates came together to collect teddy bears for donation to the clinic and #leadwithheart.

Smiths making a difference on Mandela Day - #67minutes

Johannesburg and Cape Town Smiths came together (virtually) for CloudSmiths’ Mandela Day initiative. Both groups dedicated 67 minutes of their day to pack food parcels for those in need. By embracing the spirit of service, this group of Smiths worked to bring hope, smiles, and a little warmth to communities in need.

Mandela Day Smiths
CloudSmiths packing food parcels for Mandela Day

The Joburg cohort donated their packages to Manger Care Centre, a registered NPO since 1986 that is working to create an environment that positively uplifts and empowers the vulnerable in our communities.

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By coming together for #mandeladay2023, these Dynamic Technologies group companies have made a positive impact in the lives of those less fortunate than themselves.