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Dynamic young rider takes on world

Wednesday, 29 June 2022 14:36
Dynamic young rider takes on world

Miriam Joanna

Getting to the top in any sport is tough. Without funding, it’s virtually impossible. In recognition of this, and in line with the group’s commitment to nurturing potential, Dynamic Technologies has sponsored talented local mountain biker Luke Moir with his racing costs in Europe this year.

Dynamic Technologies CEO Chris Wilkins says, “Dynamic Technologies has been built on ambition and hard work, so we know what it takes to get to the top of the game. Luke is an exceptionally talented and dedicated athlete. His work ethic and ambition are a foundation for greatness.”

DN Productions

As a mountain biker, the young XCO (Cross-Country Olympics) rider has always been competitive, so when his father took him to his first mountain bike race, he knew he wanted to win, and he did. Winning his first Western Province XCO race at the age of 10 was the first step, and he has maintained that form since. At the start of the 2020 season, he was ranked number one Junior Boy in the World for XCO. Recognising his talent and determination, Dynamic Technologies stepped up to become a corporate sponsor, ensuring Luke can focus on riding at the highest level in Europe.

Luke is no stranger to the challenges that come with competing in a gruelling sport and has faced his share of injuries and setbacks. Despite the highs and lows, “where one week you’re winning races and the next you’re out with injury and having to claw your way back”, he never gives up. “I hate not achieving goals I have set for myself. My goals in life are what drive me to compete at my highest level and keep pushing even through the hard times.”

Now racing with the Under23s, Luke is working hard on building his ranking so that he can get back to fighting for top ten finishes and winning a World Championship title. In the bigger picture, he says he is proud of the way the sport has grown in South Africa. “In the past two or three years there have been several Junior riders who have really elevated their performance when moving up into the U23 category, making every race unpredictable and intense.”

Racing at this level, even when you are representing your country, comes at significant cost. “My family has made many sacrifices in order to afford me the opportunity to travel and compete,” says Luke. “Even if you are selected to represent South Africa at World Champs, riders need to fund everything, from their equipment to travel and accommodation, and even their kit. The lack of funding is a major reason why there is not more representation from South Africa on the world stage, as the riders just can’t afford to do it on their own. It’s tough when you see European countries with a great support system for the athletes that allows them to be fully focused on and prepared for the races.”

Miriam Joanna

Finding private and corporate sponsors is vital to fuelling the talent in the country, particularly as the requirements for training, competing, and nutrition become increasingly expensive after Juniors. For Luke, corporate and private sponsorship is vital. He says, “At races like African Champs or World Champs, it is obviously a privilege to wear the green and gold and be a part of the team. At World Cup Series races it is about representing the people and brands who are helping and supporting me in my journey. They are the ones giving me the opportunity to be recognised and selected to represent South Africa at World Champs.”

DN Productions

Due to the enormous cost of supporting a young talented rider until he or she is signed up by a professional European team, Dynamic Technologies is assisting Luke in these first few years where international racing experience is critical, explains Chris. “That’s why we are helping Luke, so he can focus on what he does best: riding his bike.”

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