About Us

We provide specialised technology and software solutions


Who We Are

Dynamic Technologies was established in 2004 by the original founders of DVT, the oldest and largest company in the group. We offer a wide range of specialised technology and software solutions to global enterprises, small and
medium-sized businesses (SMB) and start-up clients.

We form a powerful force in the technology space


Our Philosophy

Dynamic Technologies invests in people, companies and technology. Our investment in our people is integral to the success of our Group. Our business leaders, management team, professionals and executive form a powerful force in the technology space and we have some of the brightest minds in the industry in the employ of our Group companies.

Skills development and training, including internships, learnerships, graduate programmes and apprenticeships form a key component of the Dynamic Technologies Group.


Adding Value

Dynamic Technologies provides leadership, financial services, accounting and payroll services and business administration to all group companies, wrapped up in Enterprise thinking and an Entrepreneurial culture.
We build the brand power of our operational companies to develop and maximise the potential of each business unit.